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FFIX Disc 3 Crash

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Just After Kujah is seen in Alexandria, the game jams when he commands Bahumat to do something. I have tried many ways of getting around it, i have a GF2 MX and i've tried all the plugins, if someone has a save just after it i was wondering if you could send it to me. I have US NTSC version ISO's. Thanx in advance for any help
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Pete: read this please !

I guess you're using Pete's plugin. I had the same problem before...

Solved it by going to the 'special games fixes' in Pete's GPU, and uncheck the option 'GFX Framebuffer update' or something equivalent (the one which is just above PC FPS Calculation). Then magically the crash will disappear.

I think somebody should report this bug to Pete...

I found a new one with the GPU plugin: now that I'm using Epsxe140, when I exit the emulation screen (Escape) and try to come back, a DirectX (I updated to 8 recently) error makes the whole program crash, and after that I can't use any video related program: I have to restart my computer !!!!!!!

Did somebody else notice that as well ???
BTW, if had read the readme of the pete s plugins...

U should have noticed that this option MUST remain unchecked in order to play ff9....

And ur crash problem since occured to me once...w/ epsxe 1.2.0
(i used ePSXe cuttor and it worked fine then. No more bugs like that)

yeah sorry, by crash i ment it just goes to a balck screen and nothing happens, this is really bugging me, i've tried alternate plugins and back tracking through my save states. If either of you have some form of save just beyond that piont i would be most grateful, i've checked my settings and they are exactly as you've said. I use Daemon-Toolz to run the iso's from a cd drive but i've also tried it using the iso feature of epsxe
No problem for the memory card...
( i ll put it within minutes )
This is bad, cuz' this FMV are really spectacular...
(I think that the next save point will occur at the end of the cd3)

See ya

BTW, which version is it? PAL europeean one? uS ntsc?
Well here it is...just before the end of the disk 3
(BTW, it s the US NTSC version.)
If u want another format tell me...
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