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FFIX crashin gduring ending sequance....

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My problem is that FFIX is crashin during the end when

Zidane gos to rescue Kuja from the Life tree. It has frooze up twice on the same spot now so I know it cant be random. This is a bastard as Necron kills me half the time. I'm running an iso of my hard disk so it cant be a strached cd. Heres my specs:

Atholn 650 Mhz
320 megs of Pc-100 ram
GeForce 2 Pro 64 Mb
Sound blaster Live Value.

Useing ePSXe 1.4 with
Pete's oepn GL Driver 1.51
Null2's Audio Driver 1.3
And I have a scph1001 bios.

Does any one have the fix for this?
Its about the most annoying crash ever.
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I ve beat ff9 w/ epsxe 1.20
try do it w/ this version...
If it works, then u ve found a new bug on the 1.4.0 ;)

No some people already reported that bug before 1.4.0 was out so it must be a config problem.
Can you post your detailed ePSXe config please?
Alrighty then.
Pete's OpenGL Driver 1.51
Full screen. Resalution 800/600
Colour Depth: 32bit

Texture Quality
R8 G8 B8 A8
Catchng type: Palettized
Filtering: Extened W/O sprites

Fps limited at 60 fps

Off screen drawing: 2: Standard
Framebuffer Textures: 2: Grx card buffer
Alpha Multipass: Checked
Mask bit: Checked
Advanced blending: Checked

Special games fixes: G4 Poly catch: Fix for character boxs in FFIX

Null2's audio driver 1.3(I think it is 1.35 but it only shows up as 1.3)

Attributes: 48000 Hz, 16 bit
Buffer Length: 40
Block: 3
Use Reverb: Checked
Rverse L/R: Not checked
Force VAG 48Hz: Checked
Enable tone-cache: Checked
Mute XA/VAG Stream: Not checked
Enable VAG Stream: Checked
Linear interpolation: Not checked

CD-Rom(Even though I use ISO)
ePSXe CDR Aspi core 1.4.0

BIOS: Scph1001.bin

I think thats it. Hope someone can help me.
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since u are at the end of the game, try to disable the G4 polygon option
in the special game fixes.(I did the game w/ peteOGL 1.47 :D )
The caching type to heavy or dynamic.
The frame buffer textures to black
Disable the mask bit too

Oh since the null spu 1.35 has probs w/ mdecs
try using the internal SPU.

Hope that ll work

Maybe it's the same sort of crash that happens with null's SPU at the beginnig of the game when the airship crash,do as rargh said and try the internal SPU(the best IMO),I played the game all along with it and the game NEVER crashed.
The problem is the plugin Null2's audio driver, the strange thing is that it happens at random, but you can pass without problems with the internal spu of the ePSXe
That's what I (almost*)said.

*The almost is here because I only thought that it could be the same sort of crash due to null's plugin.
I have this EXACT same problem. At the spot where Zidane goes: Well here I go (or something just like that), after everyone else leaves.

I use Pete's DirectX 7 plugin., also Null2's, WITH linear interpolation (it sounds a whole bunch better). ummm

Basically, everything else is the same...uhh, including the bios. have you tried with 7502?

I have found that the null2 is a LOT better for FF9 (for me). I would hate to have to use the internal SPU for the ending...but if I absolutely have to, I guess I will. I have to? :)

Otherwise, th only other problem I have with FF9 is on entering battles, it keeps swirling instead of going to black, and so I guess the music slows down.

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well try to use it or iori s one...
It should work....
and it s fine w/ the internal one so?
what s the problem?????

the internal one misses far more notes than null2's.

In the latest version it sounds just fine.
Originally posted by clifff
the internal one misses far more notes than null2's.

the problem is that he cannot see the end....
We don t really care of *cough* the music in FF9...
(since it s a disaster too on the psx...IMO ;) )

well, I definitely hear missed notes. (I'm a stickler for that kind of thing) I just switched to the Iori plugin, and I'll try it out. It seems to get even more then the Null2 (which rather amazes me, even though I know it was based on the Null2)

I'll let you people know how it turns out

well, so far the Iori plugin has fixed that entering battle flaw.

Prodigy's SPU is based on null's one but is Iori's also based on it?
Iori's plugin?
Where can I get this one?

And will try the internal plugin ever though it sounds a bit crap compared to Nulls.
Grr this Null chap had better fix this soon.
The music being screwy in the ending just int right damnit!

Whoa this topic has swellled :p
I don't think Null is developing any longer...but I think I heard that the Iori is based on the Null2 plugin.
I dunno for sure that iori s based on the null2 plugin but here what i know:

The null2 plugins has been discontinued.
The prodigy plugin is a continuation of the Null2 plugin. Not as advanced as the null one (doesn t support save states tough).

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