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FFIX Crashes at start.. ARGGH

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Heres my problem. For the last few days I have been trying to get FFIX on my computer, and with every time I tr1y, It always crashes. I have tried basically every plugin mentioned here (with the exception of a internal CD drive, and if any one has one please post it.)

When ever I try to play it on Disk one it does one of two things. 1) I see the squar logo, which then leads to a infinite black screen, or 2) I see green squised letters and hear messed up music. If I wait long enough I see a real slow version of the fmv( I think) in the 1/5 of the left-hand of the screen. Whats real odd is I can use disk 2-4. This is why I think I have a problem with the movies (mdecs?)

I have even tried making a iso.

My Specs: 500 P3
TnT video card
Generic CDrom (duno what kind)
192 ram
Dx 8.0
psx 1.40
( and in a fit of frustration I have even tried other emulators)

I would list my average settings for the plugins but I have tried many different versions/types and to no avial.

Any help would be apprieciated.

PRIZE: First person to fix my problem becomes my patrin god and gets my first born son
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First of all, are u running FF9 pal on ur computer?
If not, try to use epsxe cuttor and take these plugins and this stuff
Bios scph1001 or 7502
Pete s OGL or D3D 1.51
Null2 spu 1.30 (or 1.35: this one support save states but make the fmv flicker)
internal cdr core plugin (u should see it in the plugins pannel) or pete cdr plugin (push the autodetect mode button)
and configure like this:
Pete s d3d (better try it too)
and for the advanced blending, if the game works, try the other modes)
A last thing, I hope u re not running ff9 uk pal :( , it doesn t work on epsxe yet)
If u are using a ff9 pal, u need a patch to remove the protection.
Just tell which ff9 are using.

Rargh sure is cool!!!
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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