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Well, while I was looking info to play ffiX italian one on the PC, i found and old news that was saying that there is fpse that can play ffIX and PE2, but this version is outcoming (0.10)...well than i read that MR.Fog was leaving the in a sec i felt sad that this emu was no more developed...Am i wrong? I hope so...any fpse fan can tell me some news?

By the way something about the "emu competitions" I think that doesn't matter what kind of emu I'm running...what does matter is that i can if fpse runs just few games than epsx, but those games aren't compatible with epsx, what's the problem, fpse for FFIX and epsx fot the others...

PS: finally i can play on my linux box some games... :)

No release date announced yet. The only news recently was 'Mr. Fogs' departure.
There is nothing wrong w/competition, as long as it's friendly. But when you start making false accusations, like 'Mr. Fog" did, well, that changes things A LOT.
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