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FFIX *AgaiN* now.. speed problems...

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Well I finally can play FFIX with battle menus... but now the speed is a pice of sh*** it used to be 60/60 with lewply plugin but now it is 49/60 almost all the time... some suggestions? I tried Pete d3d plug in but the speed isn't great and the image dont work with FSAA

PII 400
128mb RAM
V5 5500
16hg Western Digital HDD
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I have to say... your computer is slow, try upgrade a faster CPU or try using pete's soft plugin.
well, why do u use pete s plugin w/ ur voodoo card?
U should stick w/ lewpy's ones.
(btw, i m certainly missing a thing..can u explain ur previous problem or even put a link to the thread?)

to use FSAA in petes have to enable full screen flipping.... go into petes d3d configurations menu... click on the top left part of the screen..there should be a button on the top left "select device" it.....then enable full screen flipping in there to enable FSAA in petes d3d pluggin...... I think your voodoo 5 is fine..its just your processor thats slowing things down for you.... I got a voodoo 5 too.. All my games run 60 fps all the time..... You really should just stick with using lewpy's glide too...... It will run the fastest for your video card... try to play the game at 640x480, no FSAA, disable mask bit, play off an iso, try different sound pluggins(some are faster than others).... One thing to speed up emulation would be to turn off sound, but thats not so fun imo....
A few things to try using Lewpy's glide plugin.
You didn't state your settings so some of this you might already have.
Make sure you don't have multipass selected, select Bright (Doesn't look as nice, but is faster), Frame buffer should be set to write (Not read/write) and offscreen drawing set to extra+FB (I use full but my pc is almost twice as fast as yours)
In the 3dfx control panel set FSAA to 2X, for me 4X causes a bottleneck with epsxe (Tried all versions of drivers, but always the same result, I'm thinking it's in my motherboard drivers , Biostar MV7KB and Via 4in1 Version 4.32)
ok guys tx all I'll try all your suggestions :)
sorry sorrento, but i still do not see why u had chosed the Pete s plugin.

It seemed to work well w/ ur Voodoo and Lewpy plugins...

well i tried *again* and *again* all the sugegstions but none worked for me, could anyone post a configuration for Lewpy's Plug-In that could increase the speed in my System?

tx :)
Ok Sorrento, I have a 700 mhz PIII, and I can get it running at NTSC speed (~60 fps) 95% of the time, so I can't really imagine a 400 doing that same thing. I have an ati rage 128 mobile (yah, laptop)

I could be wrong tho.

The only other thing would be to upgrade the cpu.... Atleast a 500 mhz P3 or Athlon... Actually an athlon 500 mhz along with a decent mid atx mobo will probably only set you back 100 bucks or less..... check for prices of cpus and mobos..... There is no better time to upgrade those p2s and amd k6s then now.... Prices are dropping all the time.... I got my tbird 1000 mhz for 120 bucks!!! check lewpys glide pluggin configuration and make sure you set::

framebuffer to "write"
offscreen drawing to "basic"
Originally posted by Sorrento
well i tried *again* and *again* all the sugegstions but none worked for me, could anyone post a configuration for Lewpy's Plug-In that could increase the speed in my System?

tx :)
your system's pretty similar to mine and I only get slowdown when it's loading... and that only really happens when battles are starting

my specs:

celeron 466
3dfx voodoo4 AGP

I use pete's D3D plugin for FF9 too because Lewpy's just doesn't show enough stuff (or at least, I couldn't get it to show enough - how the heck are you supposed to fight if you can't see what you're selecting?) I'm not sure why you get the slowdown, I get it too after a while, but when I reboot it's fine again :p

I've got mine set up like this: (see attach)
oh actually filtering is set to option 2, and I sometimes have advanced blending turned on (through hardware) but I never noticed any difference really. Maybe you should try and take as much load off the processor and RAM as possible by putting it through the 3dfx card? that was my intention when I set it all up but I might have just got lucky *shrugs*

now if I could just get FF8 to run as well as FF9... :p
same thing happened to me:
P3 450, 128 mb ram, voodoo 3 3000, sblive value

I used to get 60 fps, but now it's much lower. Holding down a key on the keyboard makes it higher for some reason, but not up to 60...
And please, don't say get a new cpu. Some people aren't as rich as you that can go buy a new computer whenever a program runs slow!!!:mad: And also, both him and me said that we used to get 60 fps!
what happened?
make sure you aren't running any background programs while playing epsxe..... control-alt-delete...... close all except explorer, system tray, and epsxe.... See if that helps... Something weird to try is run pec.... then enable one cheat for ff9(any cheat).... send the cheat to epsxe... then run the game.....
I tried *everything* to speed up it with Lewpy's plug-in, bios update, new drivers, direct x reinstall and i only 2 more fps ;) the i tried playin from an iso and it speed up a lot :)
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