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FFIX again... black screen problem

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Hi Guys,

A while ago I got FFIX working without a problem and have been using save states to go through the game. Unfortuantely I saved by accident about 3 seconds before I died and I had to start over... however now when I start the game the patch crack thing comes up like usual but then I just get the black screen.

I haven't changed anything since it was working fine, and I don't know whats happened, do you guys have any suggestions?

Its the Australian/New Zealand PAL version. I'm using a GF4 5600 and have the settings set up as on Lord Kanes Site with opengl 2 etc.

I've tried the original CD with a patch, ISO with a patch and a patched ISO but it refuses to do anything.

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try deleting the savestate files. Maybe, redownloading the patch can help.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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