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I'm trying to play FFIV on the latest (2.6a) no$gba emulator (got rom from a friends cart). I know that in order to get rid of the text overlapping you need to run no$pmp (and no$wtt but is this really necessary?).

From what I've read, you are meant to have all the files for both programs in the same folder as the no$gba folder, and then you run the pmp and wtt first, open up no$gba and load the rom. After this what is supposed to happen is that the two red boxes for pmp and wtt are supposed to go yellow, then green. However whenever I do this the boxes just stay the same and the game is unchanged.

Just wondering if I am doing something wrong or whether someone could tell me EXACTLY how to do it in detail, as all the explanations that I can find are rather pitiful and unhelpful.

I would appreciate it greatly if you could spend some time trying to help me as this has been frustrating me for a few days now and I still cannot find the solution.
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