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ffdshow problem

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okay, unless i installed a very crapy version of ffdshow, ffdshow-20050609.exe. i cant seem to get m2v support...unless i missed something while installing, or its not configured right. what the hell? oO whats the best version to use to gain m2v support?
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hushypushy said:
did you check off m2v support when you installed it
actualy i just reinstalled that version and did that, really the only options that wernt checked where mpeg 1 & 2. m2vs work now an extent, but its giving me mpeg playback problems now. audio is fine but video doesnt seem to be insync with everything else and kindof skipps around....?
hmm. maybe its a bsplayer problem, its not supporting the file.. and bsplayer is reading m2vs as an audio file now here are the versions i installed


yeah its a bsplayer problem, for some reason its choosing to read m2vs as an audio file and not video, they work fine in mpc, dunno why bsplayer isnt doin it.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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