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Hi, anyone played FF9 without any problem? Just like, the movie plays perfectly and the graphic also ok... and all that.
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Yes, I have. It looked absoulutly beautiful. Just like an animated movie.
yep, flawlessly.

No, that's not true. I've played it trough but there was problem with MDEC's. The game could freeze sometimes before MDEC... so if you're like using only one savestate and NO savefiles then you're fucked...
But if that doesen't count it worked pretty nicely :)
Runs almost perfect here(some sound glitches,not very important).
Yeah, i had the same problem that Xenomorph was talking about.. but i just loaded a previous savestate and saved my game.. then i went on my marry little way starting from my save game.. But that problem (from what i have heard) only happens on the 2nd disk when you enter clerya (i think thats how it was spelled).
I've finish FFIX 3 times with no problems. A great game emulated flawlessly by ePSXe!
I've had the freezing before a movie three times, and i just finished the game. Once was at Cleyra (disc2), Second when Kuja Summons Bahamut in Alexandria (not sure when) and third when the Invincible enters the Iifa tree in disc 4.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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