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FF9 with new version of ePSXe

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Just trying to get FF9 to work with the new version of ePSXe. It is a PAL version...any chance of getting it to work?

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you may need to make an iso and patch it...... then either burn it back onto a cd or run it with the "run iso" option in epsxe...... goto and search for "psx patches"...... someone told me I couldn't use a direct link on this board to the site I would have given you......... so...... go search like I told you....... It shouldn't be too hard......
Thanks for the replies people...

Unfortunately, I have the UK PAL version of FF9......

Are there any plans for a patch for this version?

Also, how come there are patches for just about every other version, but not for the UK PAL? Seems a bit odd.


search the patch at
There is no patch for the UK version coz its protected in a different way.
It's like the protection is everywhere.
As Raziel said, the protection for FF 9 UK PAL is all over the CD making it impossible for any emulator to run it or a patch to be created for it. No emulator runs this version right now, and, from the looks of things, no emulator may ever be able to run it. Sorry.
Oh well, shame really. I'll just have to stick to playing it on an actual Playstation...

...even though ePSXe's graphics using Pete's plugins are actually better than games running natively on a Playstation.....but never mind!

You never know, maybe somebody'll do a UK patch at some point?

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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