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FF9, what version

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I have a PAL version of FF9, but I don't know wich one.
I've heard that the eu PAL should work but not the uk version

When I run epsxe the emu goes black and nothing happens. Is this the problem which will occur with ff9 pal uk? Or might it be the eu version and I just need too config a little better?
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try getting a pirated NTSC version from someone. I'm playing that version and it works for me. except for crashes every 10 minutes...but hey it works.
What you are experiencing is what happens if you try to run a copy without a patch.... ANY copy.

As for determining the version...

Forgive we if I'm wrong but I allways thought the Uk version is in English, the german version would be in german etc....

Throw the disc into a psx and check the language of the speech!

"vivi dude: sorry , newbie mistake... "
two more and you wont be a newbie anymore :wink:

"Betamax: What you are experiencing is what happens if you try to run a copy without a patch.... ANY copy."
well i can run backups of the US ntsc version, unpatched, no problems..:rolleyes:
My mistake. Thought that they implemented that worldwide. Funny how they put copy protection into pal copies and not us ones. Its as if were not trustworthy or something:D
Ok, did i read that wrong?

Are you saying that FF9 PAL wont run even on an acuall non-pirated psx disk unless it's patched?

cause i can't get my copy of ff9 pal to work at all, just sits on a black screen and does nothing
As far as i know, ff9 pal, retail or not, will not run in epsxe due to protectoin issues. there are patches available for the spanish, german, and french versions ONLY which allows the backup image to play in epsxe.
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