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FF9 walkthrough in Chocobo Forest

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Could anyone tell me about what to do in FF9_Chocobo Forest...
I found kupo playing around with chocobo. Kupo gives Zidane some Chocobo' food. But what to do??? Why Zidane can't give the chocobo (who already run away) the food. Kupo gives a hint about Chocobo's footprint, where can I find the footprint?

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Stephanus: If you go to you should find an in depth walkthrough regarding Chocobo Forest. Here: and here:

Basically the footprints that you refer to are just out side the first Chocobo Forest, near to the beach. You'll need the Choco Whistle (IIRC) to call the Chocobo. When you are in the Chocobo Forest you basically have to dig with your Chocobo to find items, each time you find an item, the next one gets better. The maximum items you can get in one go is 8 (but you only have 60 seconds (IIRC)). When you get above 5 or 6 items, you might start getting Chocographs. These point you to a location, where you can do some more digging and find treasure chests on the world map with some very nice items. Ultimately, you will get Zidane's Ultimate Weapon, using this method. Please note, finding all of the Chocograph locations takes a long time indeed, I have done all of them, but I must admit, I did some hacking so that every time I found an item in the Chocobo Forest, it was a Chocograph.

Read the FAQ, it will make sense I'm sure. (I have a save with all the Chocobo stuff done if anybody's interested).

Also, dont forget to do all of your Moogle stuff before you get to disc 4, since all/most of the towns/cities are not accessable on disc 4 (I found out the hard way :()
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Thank you so much UncleClive for the valuable information.
Now I know where to find the game's hints and walkthrough.

Tks again....:D
UncleClive, could you tell me how to always find chocograph? Do you use pec or something else to hack it?

Tks abt your info, now I have Chocobo.and already make some diggin' (score = 204 after 10 diggin') Pretty bored huh, to reach the Robe.......

Can I have your savegame (the one with all Chocobo items)?

Tks again
I though you might ask me that! ;)

Ok, what you need is a copy of GameHack 2.0 (, this does not work on Windows 2000 BTW.

Here are the steps you need to follow:
1. Start ePSXe (or the emulator that you are using).
1a. Go to the Chocobo Forest in the game.
2. Start GameHack.
3. Click the button in the top left corner of the window.
4. Select your emulator in the Process List.
5. Start playing the Chocobo Digging game and pause the emulator.
6. Now click the Start Search button (on GameHack).
7. Select Advanced from the Search dropdown list.
8. Click the Ok button.
9. Carry on playing the Chocobo Digging game, pause the emulator once you have found an item.
10. Go back to GameHack and click the Next Search button.
11. Choose Increase from the Search dropdown list.
12. Click the Ok button, this may take some time.
13. You may get a 'Too many addresses' message, just click Ok.
14. Go back to step 9, do this as many times as you can within the time limit. If the timer runs out, you'll have to go back to step 6, so you have to be quick in the Chocobo game and pause the emulator as soon as you find an item.

Eventually you will find the address in memory where the emulator stores the value for the number of items you have collected so far. What you need to do now is double-click the address in the list (there should only be one) and it will appear in the bottom window. Just click the checkbox in the bottom window and a green smiley face will appear, this will indicate that that address is now locked to that value. You can then set this value to 5.

When you find your next item (when you start the Chocobo Digging game again), the game will think you have already collected 5 items, and will increase your chance of the next item you find, being a Chocograph.

This all sounds a bit complicated but I assure you it works, I will try this again tonight and see if I can find the right address for you (I'm not sure if this changes each time you start the emulator, the emulator might get loaded into a different area of memory each time it is run).

Oh, and I will post my save once I have found it.

Good luck!
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Tks alot UncleClive!!!:D

Right now I'm still downloading gamehack.... I will try to do exactly like you've told me. Btw about Gamehack, can I change the chocobo'scores from this program, so I can exchange the point with the Lord Robe?

Tks again, UncleClive, you've been very helpful to me.....

stefanus: Here is my save, it is on Disc 4. All of the Chocograph Locations have been found and all items collected from each treasure chest there. Including Zidane's Ultima Weapon (this Chocograph location is very hard to find!).

I'm gonna try to find that address now, so i'll post it when i've got it again.

Enjoy :)
Ok, stephanus, when you do your searching, instead of doing 'increase' for the next search, use 'exact match' and enter the number of items you currently have as your search number.

You have to set 'advanced' at the start (the first search), set the type to be one byte. If you run out of time in the Chocobo Forest it doesn't matter this way. When you find your first item, search for 1, find next item, search for 2.

Only pause the emulator once the screen shows in the top-left hand corner of the screen, under the timer. (I looked for the address to lock the timer, but failed, this hack was the next best way, sometimes values in games are stored in a wierd way to stop this sort of hacking. For example in FF7 PC your HP is stored in about 4 or 5 different places, i tried to lock my HP to 9999 so I could fight one of the Weapons (the one near Gold Saucer), but when it was defeated, i was stuck in the battle with no enemy to fight! He is quite easy now once you know how he attacks!)

Anyway, I did find these addresses though (this is for FF9 on ePSXe 1.0.2), maybe these will work for you.

What you need to do to enter these is press the insert key on GameHack screen, type this number in the address, set type to 1 byte, press ok.

What I suggest you do is instead of locking these values (the green smiley thing checkbox), set them to 4, by double clicking the address in the bottom half of the window, then entering 4. Do this for all three addresses.

If you are really really really stuck you can ICQ or email me (look on my profile for details)
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UncleClive, sorry for troubling you again...

I've done exactly like your first advice this morning:

Advanced Search, then Increase after found 1 item, increase..... But in the last time (after finding 8 items), GameHack still has around 100 addresses... So I can't find chocograph or piece of chocograph in every item I find.

But I will try your last advice, because I think it is the best solution... searching in "Exact Match" option will definitely reduce the addresses.

Oh yes, I would like to ask you about the type: one byte. I used the default type: 4 byte. What is it??? Is it some kind of range area or something? Maybe if 4 byte, it means gamehack will search in 4 area. Maybe the timer code is in the other area (or byte)....

I've used some hacking program in the past named: Cheat O'Matic. It almost the same as GameHack but it's very simple. But in my opinion this program has some problem with my Windows. Thank God you give me GameHack, I think it's the best....

And other thing I've download your savegame too, I will try it...Tks so much.... I will try the addresses too...

Tks UncleClive,

PS: just FYI: you are already listed as "my buddy":D
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Hi stephanus, I think you really need to be using 1 byte in this case. You need to understand hexadecimal numbers in order to understand how GameHack works to use it to its full potential.

ok, if you are searching for a value that doesn't exceed 255 (eg number of potions), use 1 byte, up to 65535 (eg. amount of HP), use 2 bytes, and up to 4294967295 (eg. amount of Gil), use 4 bytes.

With the 4 byte thing, and you are searching for the value 1, GameHack will really look for:

00,00,00,01 - so it will want the first 3 bytes to be 0 and the fourth to be 1 and this will be wrong because the first 3 bytes may be used for something else. You NEED to use 1 byte for this particular value (number of Chocobo items).

I found it easier running ePSXe in a window with GameHack beside it so once you are down to a few addresses, you can see what values change as you are playing the game, hope this helps.

If you have ICQ and are stuck, I can talk you through it. :)
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