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Hi all,

My PC Configuration:
1G CPU, 512MB, IDE DVD ROM, Ultra160 18GB 15K HD, Matrox G400 32MB, Creative Vodoo2 and Sound Blaster Live....etc

Epsxe Emu ver. 1.4
BIOS: sph1001.bin
Video: Tete's DX6 D3D Driver 1.41
Sound: ePSXe SPU core 1.0.1

The error showed on FF9 Disk2 near the fisrt city.
background concole showed:
w2k buf read error[4] 0. 27. 50
0. 27. 51
0. 27. 52

Please give me advance...thk.


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It seems to be having problems reading data from the disc. Try using an image. Read errors could be any number of things. If it happens at the same place every time then there might be something wrong with the disc, or the drive may not be reading it correctly.
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