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FF9 - Triple Triad, Menu slowness.

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I read through all the FFIX topics and couldn't find any help with what they offered, so I figure having people help me directly works better.

Anyways, here we go. Whenever I get into Triple Triad or open the menu, the game lags hellishly. If in a shop I go past the initial menu to actually try to buy something, the game inches along as if severely lagged. These are my settings.

What's the matter and what do I need to do to fix it, please?
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Knowing your computer's specs would be helpful pls.
Erf. I left out I was using the CD.

And.. specs? *illiterate in such matters, will find them if told where they are, though*
Your processor's brand, model and speed; videocard brand and model, and optionally the amount of ram it has; system ram amount. You can get that info from the directx diagnostics tool. Go to start menu, click on 'run', input dxdiag on th white box, hit enter. A dialig will appear within some seconds, you can take the infor from there. The videocard info will be in the display tab.
Nevermind. Found the problem after trial and error. Needed to unselect 'No Render To Texture'.
Actually, the sound is kinda wonky. How do I fix that?
Set the audio out method to SPUasync and the async mode to Simple. Personally I use a buffer size of 60-64 but it varies per computer; raise it if it makes staticky/crackly noises, lower it if it lags. Also, don't double post. Edit your previous post instead.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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