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FF9 Speed problems

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I am using ePSXe 1.4.0 and Pete's D3D DX6 1.5 Plugins and the game is quite slow. When I was using ePSXe 1.2.0 and Pete's D3D DX6 1.(i forgot it) the game was running at full speed. I can't remember how i configurated the Plugin. I used the epsxe-faq to do it but now it is down and i want to play it again. Can someone help me?
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The most important thing if your speed decreased is to check if Full VRAM Primitive is checked,if it is just uncheck and your speed will be back to normal.
If i understand well, u want to reconfigure ur video plugin right?
well, just put a screenshot of ur plugin configuration (or just say what is configured) and put ur systems specs here.
We ll be able to help u.
BTW, epsxe 1.4.0 runs as well if not better than 1.2.0

It IS unchecked and still too slow..
aprox. 19 fps

I formatted my Harddisk and forgot to backup the config.
Can you post a screenshot of your configuration plz?
or if you can't do it, make an in-game screenshot(F8),and attach the PSD3D.txt(or something like it) file created with it.
Originally posted by Brain Fury
It IS unchecked and still too slow..
aprox. 19 fps

I formatted my Harddisk and forgot to backup the config.
Then just put ur systems specs here please.
We will be able to help u configure ePSXe in order to play FF9

This is my configuration

My system is:
Pentium 3 533MHz, 265 MB Ram, Elsa Erazor X (GeForce 265, 32MB)
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Strange,it looks fine to me,you could even set it in order to have a better look,I don't see what's wrong.
Maybe your drivers are corrupted or you system has a problem.
I have a comparable system to urs (p3 733, 128mb of ram, Geforce 256 32mb)

I put video configurations here:
Might it be that I played the Game from my Harddisk as an Image and now from the CD?

What GPU Plugin are you using?
Well it could be coz' it's proven that playing from an ISO gives a speed boost,but were you running at fullspeed before?
I use Pete OGL 1.51 tough.
(the best for geforce based cards)
here it is:
I think it was full speed.
Try to play again from your hardisk,but I doubt it is your problem,such a fall in fps can't be caused by this.
Such a fallout of FPS can only be caused by the plugin.
Try PeteOGL i have posted here.

Have it solved the problems??

The OGl Plugin works great now it is back at full speed. Thanx.
But now i get some gfx bugs with the text boxes. (screenshot will follow)
Nice to hear it man ;)
I just wait for those.
FF9 works perfectly w / epsxe.
we ll help ya setting uip the all.
Strange,I don't know why you are running slow in D3D,perhaps you don't care about it now but,which drivers are you using right now?
Oh the text boxes.
Put offscreen drawing to " EXTENDED"
and check the "G4 polygon cache" in the special game fixes.

It should work ^^

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