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ff9 sound problems

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hello everyone
i have this problem with ff9
yesterday i wanted to listen to some music while playing so i turned of sound in epsxe(unchecked all) and used save state,but now when i turn everything on and load saved states - theres no sound.It only happens when loading saved states :( tryed epsxe spu core 1.5.2 - no sound, then eternal spu 1.41 - no sound,but with peops dsound 1.9 - i can hear music,but is sounds strange,some effect are missing.pls help
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yup loading from memory card helps,but i only have a save from the beggining of the 2 cd.Anyway it's summer and i have better things to do :) like reconstructing my 1964 Jawa :)
somehow i managed to fix this problem,saved into second memory card slot and when i load that save everything sound is perfect,but i ran into another problem,game stops when some spells are cast,read in other threads that this is caused by a damaged iso file or smth so ill need to dig up those cd's :hdbash:
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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