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FF9 set up help

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I have tried playing FF9 on both 152 and 160 emulators, and the 160 emulator seems to work the best. But i have the same problem with both. While playing, i get these annoying minor freeze ups and slow downs as well as occasional blackouts. And the game froze when I got to the fmv scene where the airship takes off from near the town of Dali. The CD is in good condition, so i do not think thats the problem, but i think the problem lies in my set up of the emulators. Could someone tell me what plugins to use and how to configure them so i can play the game. I tried using one sites suggestion and it made it go way to fast for it to work. My computer is a new Dell 9100, so my computer should be able to handle a lot. Please help me so I can play this classic game. Thank you.
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ePSXe 152 has the same problems as the 160, and could you give me suggestions to what pluggins I should use. I believe I have a lot of them downloaded onto my computer already. Thank you.

if it is any help, my comp has a pentium 4 and uses Radeon 9700. I do not know what pluggins to use, but originally i was using P.E.OpS Softdriver, Eternal Spu, and SaPus. Can someone please help me with choosing a pluggin and configuring them. Thank you.

one more thing i forgot to mention is that my gamepad does not work when using the 152, but works with the 160.
i tried using the settings you suggested, and it ended up speeding it up that it was impossible to use. And how do you make an ISO, i am not very good with this stuff, so could you tell me how to. Thank you.
how do i find out what my gfx Ram value is so i can set it. Furthermore, i started playing it as suggested with an ISO on the configs I was suggested, and it seems to work fine. One problem I have currently is that there are these noticable horizontal lines that run across the screen. I am going to play around with the resolution to see if I can get rid of them, but could you tell if there is another way. Also, for future use, what do i do when i need to switch over to another disk when using ISOs. Your time and help is much appreciated and thank you very much.
I am still having trouble finding out what my gfx ram is, could you tell me what category it is under. I also used the config you said to use and it is doing great and I was able to get rid of the lines. Hopefully this good luck will continue. Thank you all very much for all the help you gave me.
I still cant find the info and what is vsync, i don't see it. Also, i get these occassional annoying blackouts, how do i stop getting those.
there is nothing in my misc section about the vsync, and i still don't know what my gfxs ram is and i would like to stop with the blackouts. It does not just in one FMV, but throughout the game so far.
at random, the screen goes black but the music is still playing but nothing else is happening. To stop, i have to press Esc, which takes me to a smaller screen, and then press it again to get the epsx window with no screen, and then I go to Run>Continue and it will go back to where I was. Please help me stop it, it gets annoying. Thank you.
I am using OGL2. I put a picture of my config here and hopefully it comes out. Also, what should I download from the ATI site. I don't see anything about catalyst drivers. And one other thing i noticed is that during battles the game will slow a bit when certain spells, so far just blizzard, is cast. Can this be solved by lowering the resolution. Thank you.
I tried downloading the stuff and installing it, but it wont let me, saying that I'm missing stuff or that I need to do something, so now I am confused on what to do. Please help me. Thank you.
I downloaded that, and when I try to install the catalyst, i get a message saying "INF error: Video driver not found"
Can someone please help me with my issue of the random blackouts. Thank you
The .net framework won't install on my computer after I saved it from the site you gave me. Is there another application that I can use so I can download the catalyst stuff? Thank you.
I installed the Omega drivers and it did not help and actually changed my stuff, so everything is smaller, including when I watch videos on WMP. I uninstalled it, but my displays remained the same. Furthermore, while playing the program will exit saying "No buffer available" under the Pete GL2 title. When this happens, my computer seems to go back to normal. First, how can I get my computer back to normal as it was before I downloaded the damn drives. Second, what do I do about the buffer thing since it occassionally won't let me even load the program. At this rate, I care more about my comp. working normally than the annoying blackouts, unless someone can come up with a easier, safer solution. Thank you.
I fixed my resolution problem, but even with the Omega drivers I still have the problem of the blackouts. What should I do now?
What do you mean by monitor specs? Could you be more specific, sorry.
I am using a Inspiron 9100 Dell notebook, if that is what you mean.
Um, what are you talking about with the FMV, I have no problem. 2nd, I dealt w/ my resolution problem. I just still have the problem with the blackouts even though I downloaded the Omega drivers. I am almost done w/ the 1st CD, so it may disapeer when I switch CDs. If it does not, I will put up a post.
I just switched to the 2nd disk, and after playing for an hour, I had no blackouts, so the problem must have been the CD. One problem I do encounter is that occassionally, the game won't load, saying "No buffer available." What is wrong now and how do i fix it. It is getting to become a problem and I would really like to play the game, so please help me.
I had no problems installing the Omega drivers at all, other than it changed my resolution, but that was easy to fix.
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