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FF9 set up help

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I have tried playing FF9 on both 152 and 160 emulators, and the 160 emulator seems to work the best. But i have the same problem with both. While playing, i get these annoying minor freeze ups and slow downs as well as occasional blackouts. And the game froze when I got to the fmv scene where the airship takes off from near the town of Dali. The CD is in good condition, so i do not think thats the problem, but i think the problem lies in my set up of the emulators. Could someone tell me what plugins to use and how to configure them so i can play the game. I tried using one sites suggestion and it made it go way to fast for it to work. My computer is a new Dell 9100, so my computer should be able to handle a lot. Please help me so I can play this classic game. Thank you.
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Ok...speeding up problems? Set the fps limit to 60 and turn the fps limit on.

For an ISO...i suggest Alcohol 120%. Quick and easy.
Found in the MISC menu in the CONFIG ---> VIDEO ---> CONFIGURE in the Pete's OGL 1.75 and the ATI cataylst Control Panel. About occassional blackouts, I am pretty unsure.

Read the rules, my friend.

I was wondering you meant ePSXe. Double click on it and you know its version.
Pretty werid...Can you provide your monitor specs?
Kane-sama...i was stupid enough not to review the previous posts that he was using a laptop. oO The GPU plugins has resolutions not supporting your laptop.

Check your user manual and determine which resolutions can be used for your laptop.
Sniperscope...if you read up on other can get past that FMV by using 1.5.2.
Sorry, I do not have a solution to this..."No buffer available" can mean many things...insuffient memory, etc.

I suggest you close all programs before loading ePSXe.
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