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ff9 savestate problems

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i'm using:
epsxe 1.2
and running the game off an iso.

ok, so here's my dilema:
Last night i beat disc1, yippe!, and i played on disc2 for a hour or two, using save states along the way. then i decided to stop for the night so i saved the state and exited. this morning when i started epsxe, loaded my iso for disc2 and went to savestates, but when i went to load it there were no saved states! what gives!?!?!

and another question, how come when i save my game onto a memory card it doesnt appear when i try to load it, it's only after i load the state that it will load, is that the way it works, if so, what is the point of saving to the mem card?
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First,just use ePSXe 1.4.0,you won't have the memory card problem anymore.
Then,null's SPU only supports savestates in version 1.35(you'd better use Iori's SPU or the internal one since null's SPU is discontinued).
For the savestate loading problem,load your savestate from disc one,and then change disc.

Also,update your GPU,Pete released his version 1.51 a while back(I bet you've been away a llllooooonnnnggggg time;) ).
ok, i'm working on updating everything now, what version of iori's spu should i use? 1.46?

anyway, i used the 1.35 version of null's spu and got my game bacK! thank you VERY much! i thought i was going to have to replay 6 hours of the game to get back to where i was!
now i just have to finish updating everything.

yes, i have been away quite a long time.
Yeah,the last version of Iori's SPU is just great(internal one is great too).
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