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FF9 question (damn I'm ashamed)

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Hi mates!
After all these years I've decided to play through FF9, but all the way trough this time :)
Thing is when I first got it my PSX was on verge of dying and by the 4th disc ******* died, so I never finished the damn game :mad: I got rid of PSX and never really had will to start all over again.

Now as KOTOR2 is nearing its end I've got this urge to play RPGs again :) I have Star Ocean: Till the End of Time and FF9 to choose from :)

Now what I was thinking. If I decide to play FF9 how should I play it? On my PC?
(better graphics although I don't like how the backgrounds look like ingame)
or PS2?
(TV :) )

I have good rig so playing on PC won't be a problem (but setting up the ePSXe will that's why I'll look up Kanes page) and I got myself USB converter for my PSX gamepad.

So what would you guys recommed? :cool:
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Id play it on the PS2, nothing beats th real thing, sure the graphics are better on PC but its still not the same feeling, at least not for me
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