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FF9 problems

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Hi guys, here is my problem:
Trying to emulate ff9 on my p3 733, geforce2mx, 256Mo, I can't manage to have a constant fps... indeed when I put the fps limit off, it goes up to 180fps and down to 90fps, so too fast, huh! ^^; But when I put it at 60fps limit, it goes right for a while then every 3 or 4 seconds, goes down to 32fps :(
I'm using the latest Pete's GPU plugin (1.52), last epsxe version, ioris SPU or Pete's one doesn't change anything, it works ok for the sound.
Oh, and I'm using an iso on my hard drive, but I don't think that the problem comes from it.

If anyone could help me, it would be really great 'cause I want to play to this nice game before i get the 10th ;)


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i had the SAME problem but i've managed to run the game perfect,
damn if i could remember the exact config needed...
use pete's opengl plugin,
and try these things:
try fps frame skipping,
try pc fps calculation (in "special game fixes")
off screen drawing: 2, standard, use THAT, otherwise the combat will be f-cked...
i'll try and check now if i still have ff9...
ok, here are the exact settings i've just tested,
works perfectly,

video driver: pete's opengl plugin 1.51

fullscreen mode: 1024x768, color depth: 32bit, change desktop settings: unchecked

texture quality: R8 G8 B8 A8 - best colors, more ram needed
filtering: none
caching type: dynamic
show fps on startup: unchecked
use fps limit: checked
use frame skipping: checked
auto detect fps selected,

off-screen drawing: 2. standard
frame buffer: 2. gfx card buffer
alpha multipass: checked
mask bit: unchecked
advanced blending: checked

everything else in this window: unchecked

writing all that i've got a little idea,
why don't you guys make an epsxe plugin that
writes all the settings/plugins-in-use in some txt?...
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If you are using Pete's plugins, press F8 and you will get a screenshot saved in the snap directory of ePSXe, also you will get a text file which will tell you what video settings were used. Lewpy's plugin does this too (AFAIK, I dont know which key to press though - dont have a voodoo card.) Maybe this will help. :) (but maybe it would be handy to output the sound and cdrom settings too!)
same key for lewpys glide pluggin as well.. :)
Thx guys for your replies, I'll try your config ;)
Hope it'll work ^^;
Just a thing...

Where do you guys have found the meaning of the F8 key? I mean is there a place where I could find all the Fx keys meaning?

I am working on a FAQ which will include shortcut keys and different settings for the Plugins too. I am also going to be setting up documentation pages for the plugins that go a in depth into the features. So many people need help .. yet i have so little time. So if you guys can hold for a little bit longer you will have a site for all your ePSXe needs.
I think the docs that come with the pluggins is where I learned of the F8 key...
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