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ff9 problems, please help

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heres my specs:

P3 800mhz
256mb ram
Geforce2 GTS/Pro
SB Live

i am using Pete's D3D Driver 1.49, Null2's Audio Driver 1.3, and scph7502.bin for my bios,

now here are my problems.
the first is that when i go into battle there are no menus and no bars to tell how much hp, mp, etc i have.
the second is that the sound in the game and in fmvs is popping and is low quality.
the thrid is that during battles and in the main menu and sometimes during the game everything moves really fast, too fast. for example in the main menu the seconds on the clock are counting way too fast and the fmvs move too fast and in the game when you don't have control over how fast the text goes it goes so fast you can hardly read it.

these are my problems so could you please help!
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for the battle menus, try turning on enhanced off screen drawing
heres a pic:p
too play at a normal speed, let epsxe detect ur game version(ntsc or pal) in options>country>select autodetect ; then in the video plugin configuration pannel, check the box fps limit and then, u ve the choice to put manually the fps limit (50 fps for a pal game, 60 fps for a ntsc one...) or just put this setting to "autodetect frameskip&fps.
And yes, put the offscreen drawing to enhanced as frogduck said...
it should be okay....

ok, speed and menus are working now but I am sitll having problems with the sound. when a sound effect should occur during the game(not in battle) instead of a sound there is this high pitched repetitive beeping that continues until you change the sceen. it is really annoying. also there is no sound in the fmvs.

one more problem, how do you make an iso of the disc. i have cdrwin and i know where to go to make it but what files do i select on the cd. at first i just did the whole cd but then when i loaded it the sony symbol came up and it said playstation and then stopped. please help
for the sound:
Grab the latest version of null2 plugin (the 1.35); and configure like this:
Buffer lenght 35
block 3
check the "enable vag stream" and "force vag 48khz" boxes.
U re free to check or not the "reverb" and "enable tone-cache" boxes; same for the sound frequency.

Check the 5 boxes in the spu pannel.

For cdr win:

push the "extract disk sectors" button (the third above one)
put the defaults settings and choose a path for ur iso...
Then start it...

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