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FF9 problem.

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I am using ePSXe 1.5.2 but still have a problem with ff9
video - Zen OpenGL 0.3
sound - ePSXe SPU core 1.5.2
cdrom - ePSXe CDR WNT/W2K core 1.5.2.
bios - Scph7502.bin

CPU - amd 2400+ 2ghz
ram - 1024
gfx - Radeon x800 PRO

The game works, and everything else, just one problem: It works in very high speed, the music is all ****ed and the video is speeding up as well. Anyone that can help me with the problem?
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- ZEN OpenGL V1.0.3 (An OpenGL-based plugin written for Rendition V2200 graphics cards)
The above is from EmuXHaven. Looks like ZEN isn't exactly made for your Radeon X800 Pro. My suggestion is to try Pete's OpenGL or OpenGL2 plugins for better results.

You can get them here:
Sounds like you forgot to activate framerate limiting (FPS Limit). I assume that's possible in the plugin you're using as well. I have X800 Pro as well, and Pete's OpenGL2 works for me.
Thanks. it worked now with pets opengl and fps limit.
Working fine so far at least :)
make sure to use ePSXe 1.5.2. for a great config, check out
Remember to replace your SPU and CDR plugins as well...below my signature are some recommandations.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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