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ff9 problem pls hep me!!!!!

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I'm now in the beginning of disc 4 the v begining i mean... when zidane and pals go back to the black mage village to leave their genome friends there... than until the scene with the chocobo than until that the screen starts to darken and the screen shifts up.... than....... total darkness... theres sound no doubt.. but juz black screen... wonder wat hapens... juz like wat happened when i play it at disc 2 at the return of lifa tree on my ps... can u all help me... i'm using the petes d3d gpu... is there a patch or something.. i'm dyin of not being able to play....
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Just a sugestion. I guess that your card can render in 32 bit, so why use 32 bit textures (R8B8G8A8) and the display color depth at 16 bit and dithering on?

Another suggestion is to check the caching type, try using 2 as it provides the best speed with no glitches ;)
And put offscreen drawing on 3 or 4 for that game.
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