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ff9 problem help please!

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Ok... I'm guessing that its probably my CD thats causing this because it seems like no one else ever had this problem.(Not in the same place at least)

Right now I'm in Treno at the beginning of disc 2 before I go to Dr. Tot's tower AFTER attempting to sneak into that store to steal the supersoft. For some reason when i talk to Dr. Tot when I am in tower when Marcus walks up stairs... the game crashes leaving only the dos window...

Like I said before I think it's my cd because I tried it on my friend's computer and it crashed at exact same place. If it is my cd can someone get pass that part and save for me? Here's the memory card file.

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whait a minute, ill pass it and give it to u
here it is :) uv got the supersoft, u just have to climb up to dr tots tower and jump through the hole the is pointing at. If the game still exits when u climb at tot's tower tell me and ill pass that place.
One thing tough: level 6 at the beggining of the second cd? man, u should do some serious level up, the first time i played that game i was leve 15 by that part.
see ya
It happened again! this time crashing inside the tree place(cleyra) can someone get pass this part for me? heres my card again...
ok... its been a while/couple days if anyone else can help me past this part ----- THANKS!
k, ill do it this night
but ill only post it about 3 am k?? im Dloading the movies soundtrack :D
well, looks like i finished Dloind faster than i tought ;)
here it is m8. That cd of yours must be baldy damaged...
I heard the Kailisto rip gave all sorts of problems on the second CD...prollly just a rumor
I thought you didn't read FF9 threads.:D
nah, the 1st Kalisto Rip had a corrupt FMV (when entering the south gate) and shimmering sound in the FMVs. But Kalisto released the patches to correct that already :)

who else has been Dloading the save games besiedes scorpious??
Originally posted by Adair
I thought you didn't read FF9 threads.:D
Originally posted by Neojag

who else has been Dloading the save games besiedes scorpious??
Well when the no. 2 poster makes his memorycards available ppl will dl them 'cos his gameplay is probably one of the best. ;)
Oh wow, Neojag is the #2 poster now. So what happened to Rargh? Is he gone for good?
yeah, i am a fanatic FF gamer indeed :p but the memcards arent mine, theyre from scorpious! lolz...
Im the second?? lol, i though i was the fourth or fiftht!! ehe, this world is full of surprises :D
and i think Rargh spent some time out of the boards because of 8bitorgy=fanjun99=fanjun999 (KILL THAT GUY)
Well,Rargh is in fact kinda bored with the boards(hey,bored/board,oh,OK,forgive me)as I'm starting to be too(the same questions always and always and always,can't take it anymore,I need something new,hey!When the hell is NGemu coming so that I can post about something else than PSX).
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