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FF9 + Pete's Soft GPU plugin

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Hi, a friend of mine has just completed FF9 on his playstation, so I was FINALLY able to borrow it and give it a go on my pc. While it works great with Pete's OpenGL and D3D GPU plugins, I thought I'd give it a try with Pete's Soft plugin (I've got a soft spot for Pete's Soft plugin - excuse the pun ;) ). When I try it though, it just gave me an "illegal operation" error with the following details:

EPSXE caused an invalid page fault in
module GPUPETESOFT.DLL at 017f:0159452a.
EAX=00000000 CS=017f EIP=0159452a EFLGS=00010202
EBX=015502b8 SS=0187 ESP=00b1fd58 EBP=00000140
ECX=00000140 DS=0187 ESI=00000140 FS=4027
EDX=000001ff ES=0187 EDI=015502b8 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
f3 ab 8d 1c b3 8b 74 24 24 03 de 4a 75 de 5f 5e
Stack dump:
00000000 00000280 00071e40 005bfe21 015a9653 00000000 00000140 00000280 005c0020 00000300 02000000 00000003 00071e4c 005b4200 015a8842 0062604c

I thought maybe there was some problem with the intro movie, so I tried to boot the 2nd FF9 disk, but to no avail.
Then I tried Pete's Soft plugin with FF9 on FPSE but the problem persisted. I even tried it on a whole diffirent computer (my old P200) and still got the same result.

This is pretty strange since Pete's Soft plugin was by far the most compatible (being the nearest thing close to real PSX's graphics) with dozens of other games I've tried. Has anyone encountered this kind of problem before ? Any advice ?
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Strange... I've just checked it, no problems here... played it from the beginning until the end of the first fight without any crash.
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