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FF9 PAL cheats.

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Know where I can find them? The Kuja battle on Disc 3 is impossible because my only copy of the game (iso) is glitched in such a way that if Thundaga is cast, the game will freeze unrecoverably, and being that Kuja really loves that Thundaga, it's proving impossible to terminate him before he will cast it. I can prevent him from having the ability to cast it by using Auto-Reflect on all my party members, but then he opts for casting nothing but Flare Star which, is two hit annihilation for my party - and with reflect on I can't curaga so...yeah there's really no way around this.

I need a FF9 PAL cheat that will let me get through the Kuja fight on Disc 3 so I can move on to Disc 4.
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Nevermind the NTSC cheats in PEC seem to work.
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