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FF9 only black screen and CD drive wont work

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So I have the right bios, the right GPU, and I hear a song, but FF9 or other games not run. I have a black screen, and my CD drive dont run, I try it with all 3 drives and with a virtuell CD drive (Daemon tool). No chance.
If I only click on RUN BIOS I see Memory and CD Player on my screen, I can`t activate them, but nothing else happend.
I think the best is, to throw my PC out of the window.
I dont know why, I tried it with the Patch for FF9, but nothing happend, I tried to play Calarian, the same. If I click on RUN CD, i only have a black sreen and in the bios window say at last PAL CDROM detected or NTSC CD-Rom detected.
PS: Im from Germany we have only PAL.
Is here anybody else from Germany with the same problem. please answer.
I don`t use CD copys, I use original PSX Cd`s. But I have only a small TV screen and my monitor is better than my TV
mfg Azrael24
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FF9 PAL needs a patch to work. get it here:
If you need any further help, post it here.
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