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FF9 on ePSXe

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I am thinking of buying Final Fantasy IX and am wondering if it runs (almost) bug-free and is beatable on ePSXe. Also, does ePSXe increase the resolution of the game like bleem? Finally, how would it run on a P2 400 MgHtz, Voodoo 3 3000, 128 MB RAM system? Thanks for any info.
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I'm not sure about the performance on that setup, especially because you won't be able to use Pete's opengl Plugin due to Voodoo3 having pretty non-existant opengl support.

What I can say is that I'm playing FF9 on ePSXe right now and I've played to the 3rd CD without any noticeable glitches.

Just get the right plugins and configure them correctly and everything will work fine ( at least for NVidia ppl )
i run it pretty well with my amd k6-2 500mhz but i have to run it in petes software plugin and then put it in windowed mode to get the graphices to work right. so basically it most likely can run on your cpu but probably not at full speed
I'm not too sure on Epsxe 1.4, but i completely beat ff9 using 1.2, iwth no real problems. my sytem is a 333 mhz PII, and a voodoo 2, and a generic sound blaster card, it was fine, jsut needs tweaking, plus if you have a voodoo, use lewpy's. later.
FF9 UK PAL does not work (and maybe Italy and Australian PAL versions) in any emulator.
I played FF9 (French) with the patch until the end without any pbs
with ePSXe 1.2.0
I was very disapointed by the end of this game and I found some bugs in the game to beat the game without doing anything in the final battle.
Usually I Have played until the disk 2 whit my k6-2 500 and my 8mb video (don´t laugh) and whit pete´s d3d gpu, work, very well, now I think whit your most powerful system it would be better:dead:
Well I did find a bug with FF9 in the previous version of epsxe. The dreaded save-game bug :/
yup, it s well known..
BTW, is it fixed?
I ve sold my ff9, so can someone say it to me?
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The FF9 I have is the US version..
Don't worry..should be fine..should be fine..
since u got voodoo's best plug-in is
certainly Lewpy's one..take some times messing
'ound with the configuration and u should figure
out for spu ..the null's audio is highly
recommended..enjoy urself then;p
and ps:which software is bug-free .?hmm
Well, I have an other problem with the UK NTSC Version:

When I try to enter Cyldra on Disc 2, I get a "reading error" message.
This hppens with the original and with my backup copy.
Is there a solution?

BTW: I'm using ePSXe 1.2.0
I had a similar thing, when I entered Cleyra's trunk, it stopped the game 'cause of a movie. :( If you're entering in from a savestate, this will occur. However, if you're entering in from an actual FF9 save, without saving to state, there should be no problem.
Sorry, but it seems there is no solution at the moment for the UK
version (or was it the pal one??)..(no patch available and u need it to play ff9)
but i ve seen a post where someone said u can (perhaps) play w/ it
only if u use cdr win and extracting certains sectors of the disk where s situated the copyright location.
Maybe if he recognize himself, can he post the way to do it?

BTW, i suggest u to check if it works if u can make another backup

This doesn't happen from a normal FF9 Save? Oh my God, my last normal save was on Disc 1 after this play. Puhh..., but I hope you're right EfrainMan. And I hope, it doesn't stuck till then...

*go to play Disc1 again*
Well, if you saved state after your last normal save, just load the state, save it normally where you are now, restart ePSXe, and load it normally. You can keep using savestate until right before you enter Cleyra's trunk, just load the game normally right before you enter (after all, it is on the world map). G'luck! :D
However, I must start a new game, because of this "FF9 Save Bug".
If I save correctly, I can't load it. This old Savegame only appears, when I save again.
I hope this Bug is fixed in Version 1.4.0
no i think 1.4 still has a bug but there is a work around so don't worry. just take your savestate before you enter cleyra's trunk, and goto the world map, then save normally onto a memcard. Then press Esc, then say Run -> restart and load your savegame (from memcard) and enter the trunk, then you can use savestates after it gets past the part where it would noramlly freeze.
The reason why you can't see your save game after you exit is because once you use savesates, the memcard is kinda attached to it, so it won't get loaded unless you load your savestate too. hope this helps. good luck.
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