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FF9 Midi Music Probs (Among others)

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They sound kinda messed up, the tunes are recognisable... but sound terrible compared to playing it on a psx. and a single note of the midi tune somtimes continues on after a battle, and this kinda gets really annoying, having a single loud note going on and on while trying to enjoy a cutscene or read whats going on.

anyone know how to fix this?

also between screens, it momentarly shows some corrupt graphics. This is a small thing as its just in the black screens between scenes but if there is a fix for that it would be great too.

and finally, in battles the power bars bottom right seem to flicker, which kinda hurts your eye on those long battles. here my setup and spec.

and one last little thing which i'm not too bothered about but
thought i would mention anyway. is there anyway to filter the
2d stuff without it looking messes up? the backgrounds are ok,
but the text boxs and text look a little messed. everything is
fine with unfiltered 2d tho, and actually looks quite nice.

hope someone can help aviliate at least some of these problems.

Athlon 1.2Ghz Processor (233Mhz Bus)
512mb PC2100 DDR RAM
Herc Prohpet Ge-Force 2 Ultra 64mb
Pioneer slot DVD Drive
Windows 2000 (SP2)
Detornator 12.90 Drivers
Direct X 8.

ePSXe v1.4.0
Pete's OpenGL Driver 1.51
Internal ePSXe SPU
Internal ePSXe W2K CDR
Internal ePSXe Null Net
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ok i managed to fix the midi problem with Iori's DirectSound Driver 1.4, everything is sounding really good, but now the sound in mdec's studders like hell and while the motion is perfect, the sound is not. little help? :) please? :)
Sound problems:

Change your plugin. I personally recommend Iori's. The internal SPU plugin, in a word, sucks. Get Iori's at ePSXe Fanatics. As for that one continuous tone, that can be fixed by pressing "ESC," then reentering the game. (Make sure you're not using ePSXecutor when you do this, or it'll quit!) Iori's SPU also fixes the "persistent tone" problem.

Graphics problems:

First of all, find and d/l the latest version of Pete's OGL plugin (1.52). That might help with the corrupt graphics between screens. As for filtering, I don't really know much about it, but you could try messing around with Anti-Aliasing. :confused: Sorry I can't help much here.
Bah, you beat me. :p I think MDEC problems can be fixed somewhat by getting epsxecutor and turning on MDECs and MDEC timing. You could also try messing with the buffer settings.
well i tried everything i could and i cant fix the dodgy mdec sound. the game runs at a steady 60fps (never faulters) and the battles never show slow down and the cut-scenes are silky smooth. and yet the mdec sound is totally messed up.

the best i've found is the prodigy plug-in 0.1, except that randomly
distorts the sound anywhere in the game for a few seconds which can catch u off guard... it could be 20 mins before it happens again, and then somtimes you can get it happening every few mins. There is no pattern, when it works.. the sound quality is very nice.

if i could either fix the random sound corruption in the prodigy plug-in or somone can offer me a fix for the Iroi's plug-in with the sound problem in the mdecs I would be greatful.
To fix the choppy MDEC thing you must make sure that SPU irq is only enabled either in ePSXe or in the plugin config,but not in both!
Thanx for that, everything is working 100% perfect now. Not a
single fault playing ff9 at all! :) truly amazing. its great playing
thru a second time with nice graphics instead of playing thru
it in jaggied bitty graphics on my ps2 ;)
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