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ff9 lockups and stuff

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I started a thread about this a few weeks ago but I can't seem to find it....

Anyway I've been having problems with FF9 randomly locking up. There is no rhyme or reason just at any given time the game can just freeze, this is of course a great hassle, and I have to save state after every battle or lengthy dialogue sequence and have to replay them if i forget to do so. In my previous thread Pete (creator of those nice plugins) said he had the same problem, but only on disc one, but I'm on disc three now and I been havin the same problem all along :(

My pc specs are in my sig, I'm using Petes opengl and epsxe's internal SPU, I'm running off ISO, same thing happens on CD and with other GPU plugins/settings. So i dont think this has anything to do with GPU or CD-rom/iso settings.

any help is appreciated.
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2 ideas :

- Try andy/iori or the new eternal spu (i personnaly use Andy) : if it doesn't solve ur problem u will at least get a better sound. Don't forget to activate spu irq only in the plugins config (not in epsxe general options).

- Don't use save state, they are known to crash ff9, try using a save and going on a while in the game to see if it's the cause of the probs...

hope it will help
what version of final fantasy 9 are you useing pal or the other one
becasue I am using the uk pal version with a patch added through a plugin and I havent had a single problem with it and I can use save sates but I dont use isos know because they are taking up too much space on my harddrive so now I use a patch addon cd plugin to do it.
Switching audio plugins didn't solve the lockup problem. Eternal runs too slow no matter the settings. Iori runs well and sfx are better but audio during movies is messed up. Andys seems okay... a little better than internal epsxe sound.

Save states did not cause my problem. I played the game entirely using in game saves/memory card, until after a little while of playing the game froze, and I had to play a large section over. So I started using save states to get around this. They have not made the problem worse or caused any additional problems. Without save states I would have given up in frustration a long time ago.

I'm using the American version, NTSC or something, to the person that asked.

I'm usually pretty good at figguring out problems with my comp and narrowing down causes, but I'm pretty stumped by these lockups.

I think I'll try running under Windows 98 rather than W2K, maybe its DirectX or OS related, perhaps a niggle in the registry somewhere...
yeah i have the same problem, i went through the whole game having to reload/redo certain parts, very annoying. My only guess is its the patch, dont think im alowed to mention the name (starts with K)
Huh? patch? Could you explain the nature of this "patch" ? I don't think FF9 American version requires a patch to work with epsxe without lockups...
i dont actually know what the patch does, assumed it removed protection or something, i got mine off a friend.
..... eh, okay I'm gettin a little confuzzed here :eyes: ...

Are y'all trying to tell me I need a patch of some sort to make FF9 NTSC U/C work with epsxe without lockups?
Originally posted by Whoever
..... eh, okay I'm gettin a little confuzzed here :eyes: ...

Are y'all trying to tell me I need a patch of some sort to make FF9 NTSC U/C work with epsxe without lockups?
No.. You don't need the patch if you have the NTCS version of the game.. Only Pal versions need the patch.. I can't really say about your stuttering problems, other than check your disks of FF9 for scratches.. If you have tried everything with epsxe then its time to think about stuff on your computer.. FF9 runs great with no stuttering on my computer.. Make sure you aren't running other programs in the background while running epsxe.. Alt--control-delete them.. I usually only have explorer, system tray, dsl, and my controller software running.. Check how much system resources is being used up.. Mine is usually at 90% when I boot up.. Meaning my system is only using 10% of my total system resources.. Anything below 70 slows down your computer..

Nemesis, you are correct, the patch is for removing the copy protection in Pal games..
thats wierd cos i got the ntsc version, and it doesnt add any trainers or anything so i dont know what it does, besides screw it up.
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