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FF9 lockup....

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I'm having a problem in FF9, when I go to the forest where all the dark mages are hiding out run through the maze where the owls fly off one by one..then you get a black mage that has his back turned to you...and locks up!...kind of sux..does anybody know of any settings that might cause this lock up..?? (is it possibly going into a movie??)...a certain plugin or something...please help me!....
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This seems to be a problem with savestates and using them in FF9, if you use savestates at a few points in the game it will freeze, but there is a pretty simple way to get past this. all you need to do is save your game to a memory card before it freezes, then press Esc, goto Run -> restart, then load your savegame from the memcard and don't use savestates till you're past the part it freezes, then you can start using your savestates again. hope this helps. good luck.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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