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FF9 loading really long

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Since the last release of Pete's CDR-Plugin (with ePSXe 1.4.0, of course :D) I'm trying to get FF9 working good. It worked earlier but I don't want to use the burned CD's (I don't like playing burned games anyway, really). I thought: Wow great, now I can use my "real" CD's an they're working. But it's loading much longer than ever before. I'm using the CDR-Plugin v1.6 on PII 300 with an ATI Rage 128 (16 MB RAM), 192 MB RAM and 32x CD-ROM.
I hope I didn't forget anything important. (I forgot something;), I know)
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Um, regardless of burnt or unburnt, possibly
the read retry is set too high/low for your cd-rom. That's my guess anyway, since between the two versions of pete's plugin, that was the major change.
Have you tried using ISOs? They're much faster than CDs and don't require a plugin... CDRWin
Yeah, I tried the ISO. But on my small 4 gigs HD isn't enough Space for this 600 Megs for an ISO :(
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