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K, I just started playing ff9, and so far its okay, but theres some points in the game that when i walk of the screen... the game just stops. It doesnt crash, i can still press "esc" but the music completely stops, and either the screen goes blank, or it just stays there. Can anyone help me?

System specs and ePSXe plugins used:

intel 667mhz
128mg ram
12/10/32 Plextor CDRW
Creative 3D Annihilator 2 (geforce 2 based)

ePSXe: Pete's OpenGL Driver 1.51
Null2's Audio Driver 1.3
Petes CDR ASPI Driver 1.6
Bios: SCPH1001.bin

Anyone have any idea what i can do?

PS: I'm using a backup CD

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Well you can try switching cd plug-ins. Also making an iso. Highly recommend trying the original cd as well. I'd also suggest switching to Iori's spu. If you're still having problems, try Pete's software plug-in and see if it still persists.
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