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ff9 help and need recommandation

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Hey any of u guys know whats the best setting (hardware and softwre) for playing ff9 (a great game!!)

I am runing epsxe1.4
celeron 500
198 MB ram
vodoo3 AGP 16 MB(with directx 8 installed)
and is using guppeteD3D

problems: screen goes all werid and fuzzy when character enters new scene, or when going to battle for a bout a few secs then the new scene loads up...(its not major but kind annoying)

in battle the special effect of the magic shows up as frames without colors....

some detalis of the background is lost
any suggestion on what kind of cpu and video card is best for using epsxe in general or for ff9??
thnx lots guys!!
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well, if ur using a voodoo use Pete's lewpy's GPU plugins and ioris spu. and FF9 is not a great game lolz :p
ups, sorry, forgot to delete Pete in the back :emb:
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