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Hi I am new to this forum and I have a problem.

I am using espxe to run ff9 and I have had minumal problems thru disk 3 except for some of the movies cutting out when I use my burnable CD ROM drive. When I use my regular CD rom drive the movies play completely but they are a little choppy. I am using Pete's graphics and the regular espxe cd rom plugin though I have recently changed to Petes cd rom plugin so maybe that will fix the movie problems. I am now on disk 4 and I have made it to the castle above the Lifa tree where the characters dreams had made that place or something. I have made it to the place where you can see alexandria castle there and it is just about to goto the movie scence when it suddenly locks up. I have NEVER had it lock up prior to disk 4 at this part. I am using burned Cds and I am wondering if it is just my disk 4 disk that got burned incorrectly or what. I have contacted Pete about this problem and he said I should try here. PLEASE HELP! I WANNA SEE THE ENDING... WAHHHHHH! Any info you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Sincerely, Ben Beaman
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