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ff9 fmv prob

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hi every 1,

i hav a prob with my ff9 cd disk 3 so i made a bin with cdrwin then the original cd got stuffed so all i got is a bin file. now the cd was scratched up pretty bad but i got a good bin exept 4 i fmv file. so now im up 2 the that fmv and it just dont even come up so wat i need is a updated game save from sum 1. just find a moogle after the fmv. thanks a bunch

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are you using ePSXe 1.5.2? if not, try that. try also loading from a memory card. with that, you should be able to pass it. in fact, use 1.5.2 for the rest of the time you play FF9.
what do you mean use memory card ? i am not using save states (if thats what u mea
n) and i am using 1.5.2 i am positive that i got a bad rip with just 1 fmv stuff up
done. you missed two kickass FMVs though.
thanx sooooo much i owe u 1 !!!!!!!!!
haha, if you say so.

hey, you can repay me right now. type with proper grammar and spelling (capitalization and punctuation are not as important) ;)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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