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Hi I am from Germany.
Sorry if I make so many mistakes with gramma and spelling.
But now my problem: When I try to start FF9/8 (PAL) with epsxe a big black screen appear and nothing happend.
Witch plugins and witch configuration I have to choose to get FF9/8 running.Or wich other mistake could be a reason for.

My configuration:
1 Ghz Athlon , Geforce 2MX,40 Gbyte

Pete's OpenGL Driver 1.53
Fps limit: 50 fps
32 Bit

epsxeSPUcore 1.4.0

speed limit: 2x

Please help me. I don't know what I have made wrong.All the other Games Did work.

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Ok the US versions do not need patches. The German ones do. Basically there are two methods to do this. Both require you to obtain the German pal patch for FF8 and FF9. You can obtain a patch for the FF9 at . As for the FF8 one I can't tell you where that is 'cos it has warez on it so we can't mention its name (Ahem Ryoga :)).

Once you have obtained them either:

1. use petes cd plugin. In the configuration there is an option called use ppf patch file. Enter the name of the patch file here (make sure its the correct one for the disk!)

2. Create an iso using eg cdrwin
or isobuster and then patch them according to the instructions on aldos page linked to above.
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