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FF9 epsxe

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can anyone give me a suggestion to getting this game to run properly(sound slow and graphic glitch i have a pIII 800 128megs and using petes direct 3d and internal sound oh my graphics are riva tnt 32 meg agp
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Post your current settings of epsxe and its pluggins..
ok im using
petes d3d v 1.55
i put the setting on fast nothing to fancy no filtering 800x600
the graphics look good just when theres a battle it slows down
i have fps limit off and it goes fine its just the battles
oh my sound isnt configured is there a better sound plugin i could use?
The battle scenes are slow? Or the transition to the battle scenes are slow? Make an iso of the game and run it with the "Run Iso" option in epsxe.. This should speed up the loading.. I use the ETernal spu pluggin for FF9 and it sounds great.. Try it..

If you don't know what iso's are, do a search of the boards for "image"..
oh im usin an iso already i made it with isobuster and generally in battle the music and graphics slow right down and its frustrating cause it takes like 5 minutes for each fight and final fantasy 9s fights are blah
What resolution are you running it at? And what colour depth?

And another thing... nVidia cards generally perform better with the OpenGL plugin... try that instead.
Hmm.. Have you updated your video card drivers? Make sure not many programs are running in the background.. Try playing the game at a resolution of 640x480.. Maybe you should set framelimit to 60 if you have the NTSC version of FF9 or 50 for the Pal version.. Set texture to 5555 and color to 16bit.
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