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FF9 Dilemna

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I'm on Disc 2, about to enter Cleyra for the first time. They walk into the trunk's entrance, screen goes black, stays black. I tried doing it from ISO, CDROM, different BIOSes, and a differnet GPU (currently using Lewpy's, tried Pete's). Rrrrrr . . . :mad:

Plus, the swirl into a battle is the wrong colors, which normally I wouldn't care about, but then I noticed certain things which should be translucent are opaque and the wrong color ("Might", for example). I summoned Ark from a DexDrive save, and it . . . wasn't . . . uh, pretty :eyes: .
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Naw, didn't work . . . :confused:

(If it helps, I have the 4x AA enabled)

Any answers for the second question? Anybody . . . ?
Well I figured it out. It was 'cause I was using savestate. When I loaded a real save, it worked just fine. Only problem is, in the save, I'm two levels down . . . :(

Now the other thing . . .
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