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ff9: critical hit of misery

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i still cant get past the end of disc2, its a movie there who cant be played on any emulator i know. I have failed to get past it even when i disabled mdecs. I have also tried convert my memory card from epsxe to vgs but the saves became corrupted, i was using convertm

1. is there any other converter programs out there (give me url)
2. are they gonna fix this bug in the next version of epsxe
3. which is the best spu forr ff9, i know that many spu dont support sound in movies, i want a good spu that can play sound in movies corrrectly :cool:
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there's no bug, everybody can pass it without any trouble. your disc2 is simply bad.
I get near perfect sound in FF9, mdecs and ingame... I use iori's spu pluggin.. Just make sure you enable spu irq in either the pluggin option or epsxe sound option and not in both places.. King3d may be right.. Many people pass that part without a problem.. It could just be your cd.. Try making an iso and play it that way.. Make sure you have all the mdec options enabled.. Mdecs and mdec timing.. I know epsxe doesn't have them anymore but use epsxe executor or edit the registry to enable them..
That will happen if you use savestates. Load the game from a normal moogle save and all will be ok. You're like the 5000000th person with this problem.

OR get a new CD. Since you havent said where you are (I'm guessing it's Cleyra, if so, see above)
I had movie problems on disk 2 untill I got a new one and all was fine.
im playing playing ff9 with iso
and im not using savestate

i had read problems when i was making the iso file (disc2)
it took an hour to complete the process

i should try annother cd then
Yeah, it's definitely your CD/ISO. You could get a new CD, or try making the ISO with a different prog. Also, Iori's SPU is by far the best (no offense to Pete or Null2) and I recommend it.
try this....

when the game crashes, eject it, (but do not stop epsxe), hit change disc, and CDrom, it will skip the FMV, but you can still play as normal....
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