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FF9 Crashes transitioning from world map to battle screen

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And I've tried a whole bunch of fixes. Anyone else dealt with this? I've just escaped the Evil Forest, but now it keeps crashing over and over again.
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Wich version of epsxe are you using? Try 1.5.2. Post your plugins, configs for them, system specs, etc, otherwise it's almost impossible to know what happens.
I'm using 1.5.2. I'm using Peter's PSX Open GSL Renderer...

640x480 Windowed
R8 G8 B8 A8 - Best colors
4:Extended w/o Sprints
Smark tecture garbage collection
Autodetect card vram size
FPS limit
Fram skipping
Auto-detect FPS/Frame skipping limit
Alpha Multipassed
Off Screen drawing: 3:Enhanced - shows more stuff
0: Emulated vram - FVP needed

No special game fixes.

I'm running XP.
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It also crashes when I press square to call the dang moogle.
Sounds like a fecked CD....
For plugin configs, click on Copy to Clipboard option and paste it here. This will allow us to analyse your problem better.

Your system specs as well.
what other plugins are you using? are you using save states?
Strangely enough, I went back and started from my last saved game, then fought back to the battle map, and everything is fine now. It must have been something in the save state? That's somewhat strange. Ah, well; I'm new to the PS Emulation world.
Well, yes, that happens with save states. Never rely solely on sstates, use them only as a quick solution for whenever you need to save and there is no possibility of doing so on the memcard. And always try to save on the memcard as well.
yes ALWAYS SAVE ON MEMORY CARDS!!! save states are just for funsies, and emergencies like when your mom calls you down to dinner and there is no save point around
hmm... recently I went through half of FF9, FF8 and FF7 with mostly savestates, and I didn't experience much problems. I heard the secret's not to save when data is loading from the disc/iso
yep, that's one trick glory. save states are tricky. i beat FF9 entirely using save states and i never got stuck with em, so...hey they can work. but to be safe ALWAYS use memory cards (i always do).
glory said:
I heard the secret's not to save when data is loading from the disc/iso
Not really a sercet.

I discovered this trick when I was trying numerous games with sstates and found them to work.
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