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hi there
i have a problem in ff9 i play it on epsxe with original PAL cd and he patch loadet in petes cd plugin ,im on the end of the first cd soon ! and my problem is how can i change disc and the patch file in the cd plugin at the same time :confused: ?

ps :please forgive my bad english

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since, i didn't encounter the problem.. if you like, just try if this will work...

1. Do a savestate at the time before you need to swap the disk.
2. Exit ePSxe.
3. Run ePSxe, then change the patch as well as the disk.
4. Re-load ePSxe + the game, then load your savestate..

If all goes well, when the program needs to change the disk, then the correct one should be there..

I hope this works.. if not.. you can flame me later..:D
(and please don't kill me :()

PS. did you try to change the disk, even without applying the patch? coz you cuz always do a savestate after the 2nd disk is detected.. oh well, i don't have the pal version, so i cant verify that either...:D
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