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I've figured out my problem when it comes to ff9, it seems that some movies the iso wont play..but others it will, on occasion when some dont work in spots it just fades black. I found that if i use the original cd before the movie loads it will load the movie and continue onward, but i cant keep obtaining the cd when the game plays certain movies (it has happened 3 times now, one at the very start of the game, 2 where the princess is singing at the top of that castle, and 3 at the end of disc one just after you fight that other girl who is quite good.)

Any ideas how i can resolve this problem?

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From the infamous ePSXe readme...

ePSXe includes 8 fast keys to change some param of the emu:

- F1-Savestate in selected slot.
- F2-Increase slot. (max = 5)
- F3-Loadstate from selected slot.
- F4-Enable/Disable SIO irq.
- F5-Toggle Digital pad/Special pad (*).
- F6-Enable/Disable Xa sound/read.
- F7-Enable Chrono Cross cheat code.

- F8-Make a snapshot to snap directory.
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