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FF9 - best cartoon shader config

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Yes that's my problem. Which cartoon shader should I choose to view FF9 bestly? Class B, Class C, I, II or III, Advanced? What will be the best configuration to see everything clearly? Cause when I choose maximum level of shader, everything is too dark, but when I choose weaker levels, there the backgrounds are pixelized and I cannot play like this. Also if level is to strong, letters are almost illegible. I saw some screenshots of FF7 with using cartoon shader, it was really great and the letters where very clear. How can I do this?
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please note that i have played with all of them at different settings and none are perfect or near perfect on any game, its just simply that you will lose too much detail with these and while it looks really good at certain points in the game, at all other points its terrible.... you have to remember the shaders arent miracle workers and both ff7 and ff9 is hard to work with since it is 3d and 2d, and completely 3d in battles, oh and dont forget the videos
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