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FF9 battle transition effects very slow

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I'm running FF9 using epsxe, have copied the game into an ISO, and am running Pete's OpenGL software. I am running:
450 mhz pentium
128 MB RAM
32 MB Radeon

and in FF9, the transition into the battle sequences (when the screen gets sucked into a point and a battle begins) as well as other magic effects have slowed down to about 1-0.5 fps, thus rendering the game unplayable. Is this a known problem with the game (searched the forum, no help there)?
thanks in advance,

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you can first try to tweak the plugin config. check wich of the frambuffer textures (wich is the part of it that handles the swirl in the battle intro) works best on your machine (don't know what's best with a radeon).

also, you can try using different video plugins. each of them seems to both be better and worse, depending of what you're looking at.

I have a PIII 850, 128 mb, and a TNT (16mb) gfx card.

if I use pete's OGL, I get the best speed in MDECs and the battle intro is very fast (up to 200 fps), using the gfx card buffer option. in the rest of the gameplay I get good fps.

but if I use pete's d3d, MDECs get a little slower, but gameplay is faster. the battle intro, however, is very slow (~20 fps) also using the gfx buffer option.
that did it - turning them off works just fine for me :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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