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FF9 and switching CD's

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Hi all,

I've got some troubles with Final Fantasy IX.

I play with French ISO patched with paradox crack . i've done the first CD ( or ISO :) ). But when i use the function change disc -> ISO, ePSXe don't want to launch this CD.

When i try to play directly with cd2's ISO, i can't continue cos the say that the memory card is empty !

So i can't play anymore :-(

Please help me !!!
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i had this problem 2 when i tryed changein cd's from iso to iso, but it worked fine when i went from iso to cd maybe try that

Ok i wil try... but should i use The original CD or a Patched CD...? I've patched the first CD and burned it, but it not works. So i play with ISO.
Maybe i've not the good patch ( i use a patch forme megagames for FF9 French version by paradigm, it's a protection fix and don't swhitch PAL to NTSC )


not sure try the patched cd if thats the one your gonna be useing for the game but if that don't work try usein the unpatched cd to load off of then save ur game and reload it off the patched cd but not absolutly sure... i didn't use a patched version

You should also be able to use the save file the game creates when you reach the end of a disc. Then you just exit the emu and start with the next disc.

although more convient, just save b4 switching discs.... the switch cd thing still has its bugs...

I have the same problem...My saves only exists inside a save state so I can't go to the second disk I guess. Each time I want to play the game I first have to load a save state b4 my saves appears on the mem card. I can't save them outside the save state :( . Any solutions?

I think Aldo mentioned that he has a tool on his page to import and export memory cards from saved states on his website:
gorxon: this is beacue the memcads are saved as temp memcards. you need to rename them and set them as your default memcards. check out the faq for more detailed info
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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