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Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone of you knew how to configure ePSXe's SPU core (sound) to deliver optimum performance with Final Fantasy 9.

I have a Creative Live! sound card, running FF9 using ePSXe 1.20. When I play, the sound is sometimes messed up. Like whenever a fire spell is cast, this really loud and scratchy "boom" comes out of my speakers; and when I play the Chocobo Hot and Cold game, the sound of the waterfall in the beginning has the same scratchy quality. And in many other places the sound of the game sound like it's coming from this really low-quality midi-file.

I'm sure there's nothing wrong with the software or the plugins. What I suspect is that I don't know which plugin to use or how to configure the settings correctly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.


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didnt you forget to post your settings and what plugin do you use
any way ill tell you some about mine.
i use null2 audio 1.35 .
spu irq hack is enabled (a fix for the no sound in the mdecs)
attributes 44100 hz 16 bit
buffer lenth 50
block 7
enable tone cache is on
linear interpolation is on
enable vag stream is on too
the sound is almost perfect but the some sounds seems like
is not full and when a battle starts while the cd rom is loading
the sound slows down a bit ,
and there is one strange thing , which is when i use the save state
the sound becomes exactly as you said for a while and a strange black shadows under the characters but when the screen changes
every thing returns back to normal.
any way i think you must try enabling the spu irq hack
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