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ff9 and lewpy

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i run ff9 with lewpy glide plugin 1.33.but there is a bug before entering the battle.and i cannot see the menu of attack summon etc.i can only play it well with no problems with pete soft plugin.or might be i cannot configure plugins properly.i have 667 celeron,voodoo banshee,64mb ram.can any voodoo banshee user can tell me his configuration for lewpy glide 1.33.i really don't like to run ff9 in software if it works fine with lewpy glide.then please let me know your configuration.
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For me the menu 'attack, magic, gf' is displayed with this settings:

Off-screen drawing = basic
experimental flipping = on
turn on experimental screen flipping...... in lewpy's glide pluggin configuration......
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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