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FF9 All Weapons Cheat?

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Is there a way to get all the Ultimate weapons in FF9? Doing that chocobo thing takes too long - i've been digging forever in that forest and i can't get any of those chocograph things. :mad:
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Check out PEC's plugin, its got a lot of cheats for most PSX games, i duno if its got the one your looking for but it probbly does. You can find it at:
you could just goto and download the dexdrive save where you start from the beginning with every item in the game.... Use the memcard managers to convert the saves to use in epsxe or just import them using executor...
go here
use the item modifier codes or the ones that gives you all items
btw...long time no see eli2k
too bad the 'old forums' went dead
Hey Gam3rX - how do I use those codes? I don't know how to enter them into the ePSXe cheat part.

...heh I was gone because I quit playing FF9 and other PSX games. Was occupied with other games. :) And what happened to the old forums...huh? :confused:
The epsxe cheat option is just to make games that don't work or crash work. To use cheats, you have to download PEC.. It will allow you to enter cheats and has cheats in it. Read the docs that come with it.
yup, you can use PEC
the ePSXe cheat function is not used to enter cheat codes but rather codes to make certain games playable or to pass a certain part in a game that will usually hang
use pec to enter the codes
to make your life easier ,download aldo's pec editor too
save the codes page and then import it using the editor
it will saves you a lot of time
btw eli2k , i'm not talking about this forum but about another board that has something to do with bleem!
i know someone there who is using the same nick as you
I have a save with all chocograph locations and items found/collected if you are interested. (Is on disc 4, sorry but was unable to complete the Moogle letters thing, should have done it before disc 4).
Okay the PEC thing works. Thanks!.

You know what's really annoying right now..? I've been trying to do the chocobo thing a little bit too late. The fogmist has covered everything and is becoming a bit annoying to run around and find things. :D heh
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